Diplomatic Training center


The center was established recently to include a group of experts in the field or training, and we aim to provide the best learning experience. Our values were set to according to the intellectual needs of the business market. We also break the barriers to give you the ability the gain the necessary knowledge you need for you field and to manage your resources effectively.


We provide training and evaluation for a variety of certified courses which are internationally certified. We have a group of experts who provide a great set of skills in their field of experience.

The center creates a culture that revolves around leadership and long term education. The center is dedicated to serve Egypt and the society in all the fields and levels. We are an independent organization. Our aim is not to generate profit but to provide equal opportunities to all. 



Diplomatic center is considered to be an international institute for higher education, aimed to increase the international understanding by providing an environment of cultural diversity and chances of international higher education. 



The center provides a variety of educational and consulting services, which includes a large group of economic activities. Besides providing an environment of cooperation, the company covers all the needs of the trainees to help increase the efficacy of the workers in the ministries, agencies, banks and the private sector. By using the latest and most advanced methods of training.  



1. Your actual needs to develop yourself are our purpose.
2. Respect culture of mentality of people.
3. Give our best for those who need change.
4. We can together, stop saying I can’t. 
5. Encourage social responsibility.
6. Success is not for one, it’s for all. 
We continually strive to be among the best in all we do: in teaching, research, creative expression, service to our communities, and service
to each other in our daily interactions.

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